REGULATIONS OF “PINspirations with LandOfLaces” competition


1). The competition “PINspirations with LandOfLaces” is organized by the company: Dorota Kościelniak, based in Skomielna Biała 300, 32-434 Skomielna Biała, NIP: 681-191-94-44, represented by the blog “LandOfLaces” existing at: hereinafter referred to as the Organizer.
2). The duration of the competition: from November 20 to December 31, 2018, this is the first edition with the possibility of extending into a recurring event.
3). The aim of the competition is to mobilize artists who create tatting lace and other types of handicrafts, to actively and creatively use their inspirations from Pinterest, and to promote the LandOfLaces brand.


1). Only an adult, who is a customer of the store, or a fan of a blog or profile on one of the social networks, and thanks to that, it has one of the free pdf tutorials by LandOfLaces – can become a contest participant.
This person is hereinafter referred to as – Participant
2). The contest participant is deemed to be the person who, within the prescribed period, reports his / her work, made on the basis of the held tutorial / design from LandOfLaces, in accordance with the Regulations.
3). The participant may be disqualified from participating in the competition if he does not meet the conditions of the Regulations or reports a photo of not his work.
4) The works, placed by the Competition Organizer, to show an example of how to submit a photo – are not taking part in the competition.


1) YOU MUST HAVE AN PINTEREST ACCOUNT, and a blog or Facebook account.
2) All patterns that take part in the challenge are pinned in a special board on Pinterest:

3) Do your own work according to your pattern from the competition board. You can repeat the exact pattern, or do your own work, creatively combining different elements and techniques. LandOfLacespatterns inspiration should be clearly visible, but it doesn’t have to be the whole work.
4) Take a picture of your work (below are guidelines for photos for the competition)
5) Photo with the link to the competition board on Pinterest publish on your blog or facebook so that I can contact you. You can also mark me @landoflaces to find you easier.
NOTE: If you want to include a photo of inspiration in your blog post (a cover of the design from the competition board) – use the option of embedding pin directly from Pinterest, this is the most legal way to share inspirations from Pinterest on the blog.
6) Submit a work on Pinterest:

a) Go to the competition board (link here or in your pattern)
b) choose the pin of the pattern you used to create your work and open as a separate page
c) use the “add photo” option to insert a photo of your work. If you don’t see this option, only “add a comment” – try to open Pinterest in a different browser or device. Instructions for adding photos can be found at the bottom of this page.
d) Be sure to add a link to the place where you published your work. Show off your place online and let yourself be found.
e) If you want to repin the patterns to your board on Pinterest – great. But be sure to submit a work to the competition (inserting a picture on Pinterest) in a pin on the board linked in these Regulations, otherwise I may not get the notification and not find your application.

7) By submitting your work, you declare that:

a) You have read these Regulations and fully agree with all its provisions.
b) you are the author of the submitted work and you have the right to any use of your photos. You can’t submit the work of other people. In the case of photos, the publication of which would require special permission from the photographer / model, when you submitting a photo, you declare that you have all the necessary consents and take responsibility for publishing the photo on the internet (also on Pinterest) in connection with this contest.
c) you agree (and you have permission from any photographer and model) to use your photo: in the post summarizing the challenge on the blog LandOfLaces, and on the fanpage.
d) Your work doesn’t infringe on the copyright of other pople.

8) The first edition of the competition runs from 20 November to 31 December 2018. Reported photos are assigned insert dates on Pinterest, and it determinant if the work has been submitted on time.
9) The photo must meet the following requirements:

a) should be clear and have a minimum size of 700 x 700 px, it can also be in rectangular format with the shortest side size of 700px;
b) the object in the picture is to be shown in its entirety,
c) the photo should be well lit, so that jewelry details can be seen best;
d) you can submit a photo on the model, provided that you have the consent of the person photographed. By submitting a photo to the competition, you declare that you have all necessary consents to the publication of the image of the model, and consent to use the photo in connection with the competition,also if you are not the author of the photo.

10). The Organizer reserves the right to not accept a competition entry and / or to remove from the Competition works that:

a) are presented in poor quality photographs and in the Organizer’s opinion insufficient to prepare the aesthetic presentation of the competition and / or don’t allow the Jury to assess the work on their basis;
b) are inconsistent with the rules of the Competition (eg they have nothing to do with competition inspirations, i.e. LandOfLaces tutorials and patterns, and Organizer’s guidelines, or when the work relation with inspiration is unclear according to the Organizer);
c) have been published after the deadline specified in these Regulations
d) in any other case indicated in these Regulations.


1). The winners are chosen by the Jury appointed by the Organizer. The jury will evaluate the connection between the work and the inspiration pattern, creativity, artistic and technical values (quality) of the work done.
2). From the submitted photos, the Organizer, along with the Jury, will select the winning 3 works and contact the authors in order to collect the prize.
3). Prizes will be sent by email after contacting the winners.
The Organizer reserves the right to transfer the prize to another Participant, in the absence of reply to the winner on the contact (in the place submitted in description of added photo by author of the work: on their blog or facebook) within 2 days from the moment the message is sent by the Organizer;
4) Information about the results of the Competition will be published in a special post summary on the blog, and on fanpage of the Organizer, within five days, ie before January 6 2019.


I PLACE: any PDF file chosen by the winner from the Organizer’s store, up to 7Euro (including sets of patterns), sent directly to the mail, and 30% Discount code for products from the Organizer’s store, for use for the next two months.
II PLACE – any PDF file chosen by the winner from the Organizer’s store, up to 5Euro, and a 25% discount code for products from the Organizer’s store, for use for the next two months.
III PLACE – any PDF file chosen by the winner from the Organizer’s store, up to 5 Euro, and a 20%discount code for products from the Organizer’s store, for use for the next two months.

And also the publication of the all winning entries on the blog and fanpage of the Organizer, along with a link to the blog / fanpage of Winning Author, (supply when the photo was submitted).


1). The majority of the competition takes place on Pinterest, and on the user’s own website or on his Facebook profile. If you have an account there, you agree to the terms and privacy policy of this website.
2). The organizer only collects personal data provided voluntarily by the Participant. The data are processed for the purpose necessary to comply with the provisions of these Regulations and the implementation of the “PINspiracje z LandOfLaces” competition.
3). The administrator of personal data provided by the winners is the Organizer.
3. The User has the right to delete or change personal data at any time.
4. The collected data is subject to careful protection in accordance with applicable regulations. The organizer makes every effort to ensure that the stored of data provide the right degree of security.


1). The Competition Regulations are available on the website
2). The organizer reserves the right to change the regulations at any time during the Competition. The Organizer shall inform about the change in the Regulations at the places of publication of the Regulations.
3). In matters not regulated by the Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights shall apply.